May 18, 2011

garden mobiles

We have been making some mobiles to hang in the trees around our sandpit.

To make them we tied fishing line around an old CD.  We then threaded beads onto the fishing line and tied a loop at the top.
We then decorated the back of the CD by gluing on glitter and confetti.  We left the shiny side of the CD as is, to catch the sun.

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JoWrzesniowska said...

I love the idea! Hope to make some of those during the weekend :-)))
Thank you for inspiration!
All the best! Asia

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Oh thats such a lovely idea!! I might have to borrow it to do with my boys one day :D

Melissa Taylor said...

looks fun - esp. on windy days!

mamapoekie said...

I so want to do this once we get all of our stuff from the move! Thanks for this! Sharing!