June 15, 2011

can I take your photo?

When my son was stung by a wasp last week and feeling miserable, I was looking for a big distraction.  I turned to a website I had bookmarked - the Sparklebox website has lots of printables to spark pretend play.

We visited the site and browsed the ideas.  And created a photography studio

The reception desk with photo prints, frames and photography books for sale.  And this is where you booked your photo session.  We offered portraits, photos with the shop mascots and photos in costume.

The studio. 
The shop mascots.

A satisfied customer having her portrait taken.

The Sparklebox website has a huge range of printables for role play and many other helpful printables for learning.  I encourage you to bookmark it for a rainy day.


Deb said...

Good idea. I hadn't thought of using printables to help with props for play.

Valérie, from Poetic chronicles said...

Very nice!! Thanks very much for the link! :)