June 2, 2011

ham pinwheels

My son is forcing me to be endlessly creative when it comes to school lunches.  He is creating a growing list of things that he doesn’t like in his lunchbox – and sandwiches are defiinitely on the list!

It seems that he prefers fingerfoods that can be gobbled up quickly before the ‘play’ bell rings.  My latest lunchbox discovery is ham pinwheels.

I found a recipe for ham pinwheels in Lunchbox Bible, by Margaret Barca and have adapted it a bit to suit my family …

pita bread
cheese spread (I make my own, I’ll tell you how in a minute)
slices of ham
sprouts or grated carrot

Spread pita bread with cheese spread (right to the edges).  Lay ham and sprouts/carrot along the centre of the pita bread. Roll up and press to secure.  Cut into smaller pinwheels.  I favour quite small pieces that can be eaten in one or two bites.

For the cheese spread, I mix cream cheese, gherkins (1 or 2 chopped or grated) and a spoonful of tomato sauce.  I mix them in the food processor so that the gherkin is chopped up really finely. [Inspired by cheese spread in Destitute Gourmet, by Sophie Gray]

So far, so good - although I can’t use the same thing too often lest it fall into disfavour.

Do you children eat sandwiches in their school lunch?

By the way, your children might like to help make these.


Debi said...

My son would love this - thanks! He, too, complains about the bell ringing too soon. :) Right now he's satisfied with PB&J sandwiches. He'll even eat reheated macaroni & cheese. But I'd like to get more creative.

Elise said...

This seems like a perfect solution. My daughter is the same too - she says that she does not like sandwiches at kindy. Mind you, she eats them at home no problem. I suspect it is the issue you mentioned (having something that can be eaten quickly). i am going to try your idea in her lunchbox next week and see how we go.

I've seen "sushi fairybread" made like this.