June 8, 2011

Science by Video: salt volcano

This is a first experimental venture into vlogging for Adventures With Kids.

The boys and I created this movie of a fun science experiment - Salt Volcanoes. (I'm not sure how this will appear in feed readers.  You may need to click through to my site to see the video.)

Whats happening in this experiment?

Oil and water won't mix (they are immiscible). Oil floats on water because oil is less dense than water.

But salt is heavier than water and when you add the salt it carries some oil down into the water.  In the water, the salt starts to dissolve and the oil floats back up to the top of the water.

You can find full instructions for the experiment at the Exploratorium.

What do you think of Science by Video?  It was fun to make and watch a video of us doing an activity.  And it gives you a great insight into how you talk to your children (and in this case how I explain science concepts).  But it is tricky to juggle videoing and doing an activity - obviously I need to get a tripod.


Louise @ tales from the sandpit said...

We like to use the Flip video camera at our kinder, for lots of reasons - but we hadn't thought of science experiments - that was interesting - and a good idea to try out when talking out mixing...thankyou!

Lori said...

Awesome! I will have to try this with the kids!