June 21, 2011

ways to play with water (at home)?

This is an updated version of a post I wrote in October 2009.

  • add cups, scoops, funnels, jugs, a watering can and a water wheel and pour it.
  • run under the sprinkler
  • water the plants
  • get a big piece of plastic or a ready-made water slide and go sliding. This works well on a hill but if you don’t have one it is still fun to slide around like worms and older kids can run and slide. Sometimes it helps to add some conditioner to make the plastic more slippery
  • wash the dishes
  • have a toy wash. You could create a toy car wash with soap, brushes and a sprayer or give all the dolls a bath.
  • have a water fight with water balloons or water pistols. Or set up a target to shoot or throw at – a pyramid of tin cans or empty plastic bottles make a good knock-em-down target.
  • see how many different ways you can pop a water balloon.
  • make ice cubes and give your child tongs to try and pick them up.
  • paint your fence or outside walls with water
  • wash the windows
  • throw wet sponges at the wall. Makes and Takes has instructions for some cool looking water sponge toys.
  • take a bubble bath
  • sail boats in an aluminium foil river
  • mop the floor
  • test household objects to find out - does it sink or float?
  • transfer water from one container to another with a spoon or an eyedropper or by squeezing out a sponge
  • drop rocks in water and make a big splash
  • get an aquarium net and let your child go fishing for toy fish or ping pong balls
  • get out the play sea creatures and create an ocean tub. You can also put a mirror or some sand and rocks in the bottom of the tub.
  • transfer coloured water with funnels and tubes
  • try bobbing for apples
  • wash your car
  • do some chalk and water painting
  • create a water wall
  • use spray bottles filled with water to water the plants, wipe the table or create water spray stencils

What are your children’s favourite ways to play with water?


Christie said...

Thanks so much for this list! It's just what we'll need next week when school comes to an end here and the choruses of "I'm bored!" begin. My daughters love a good, old-fashioned water fight, but there are so many great ideas on your list, I'm sure that there will be new favourites by summer's end!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Oh my goodness! The tin foil river is a super idea! Thanks for the great tips!