July 18, 2011

120 Ways to Have a Memorable Year

Over the past year, I have been suggesting activities to enjoy with your children every month.  Now that I have completed a year's worth of activities, I have created a pdf book of all the activities for you to download - 120 Ways to Have a Memorable Year (activities to enjoy with your children all year round).

Time with family and children can be short.  Parents often work long hours and children can be busy with school and after-school activities.  The suggested activities in 120 Ways to Have a Memorable Year are simple ways that you can enjoy time with your family and create memories that your children will treasure.

Download Memorable Year here

Please note this book is based on an Australian calendar.  Some commemorative days may not apply in other countries and seasonal activities are based on seasons in the Southern Hemisphere.


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

wonderful idea! love it- we love to play and make memories-exploring and learning is our thing! good work-

Ramona said...

This is a great idea Catherine, well done!

MaryLo said...

It is a perfect idea , reminds me that I do not spend much time with my little girl lately... Thanks for the sharing - we will try to catch up!:)
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moveme said...

A great idea indeed.It is so good when we play together and that way make wonderful memories!


Dani.b said...
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