July 24, 2011

herb garden in a wheelbarrow

COLLABORATE: work jointly on an activity or project (Oxford Dictionaries)

This herb garden was our weekend family project.  We shopped for the herbs, worked together to paint the wheelbarrow and then plant the herbs. 

It was my husband’s idea to do this project collaboratively.  He could easily of planted the herbs himself and be done with it.  The benefits of working together are family bonding, a chance for the boys to learn more about herbs and gardening and a sense of ownership for all when we are caring for and eating the herbs.

Why is the herb garden in a wheelbarrow?  It makes it easy to position close to the door, for easy herb picking and easy to move to accommodate windy, rainy or extra hot weather.

The Oxford Dictionaries had a second definition for collaboration – cooperate traitorously with an enemy.  That might be more the sense of the word that applies when my boys collaborate to hide and jump out to scare me as I walk past (something they’ve been doing a lot lately!)

This post is part of Science at Home’s Teach/Learn blogging carnival.  July’s theme is Collaboration.  Follow the link if you would like to join in.


Debi said...

Love it! Gardening is a wonderful way to spend family time together - and time in nature, too.

Deb said...

I love it! I really want a herb garden but I have a black thumb, I'm going to collaborate with my husband if it's going to survive :)

hsreviewsjust4you said...

What an excellent idea! Now we just have to find an old wheel barrel. :)

MissMOE said...

Great post!

PlanningQueen said...

I love this project Catherine. Also love that it looks so sunny where you are!