August 6, 2011

good reads – the art project edition

flyswatter painting
I’ve been searching the web for art projects this week, as I will be teaching an early childhood art class this term.  But these are the great projects that I really want to try at home …

a watercolour alphabet from Art Projects for Kids

a cardboard coral reef sculpture from SmART class

a painting project with textas and watercolours from Fairy Dust Teaching

silly eye glasses from Art Projects for Kids

DIY stamps from Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning

creating patterns with paper strips from Fairy Dust Teaching

tips for managing watercolour painting from Makes and Takes

make your own water colour pages from lissybug

and the picture at the top of this post is a look back at a past art project - flyswatter painting.  It was very messy, but luckily we were outside.  I did have a hard time getting my son to the shower without leaving a trail of paint through the house though!

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