August 22, 2011

Questacon Science Circus

  visiting Questacon Science display
This week the Questacon Science Circus visited my son’s school.  It was a very memorable show. My usually taciturn son was able to remember many elements of the show and the explanations of the science.  His favourite part of the show was seeing his teacher sit on a chair of nails.  He remembered that we need to make some slime at home with a white powder and water (cornflour and water, I presume).  Then, you can punch the slime and it is hard.  And he loved the balloon helicopter.

As part of the cost of the show he received a ticket to the Science Circus display over the weekend.  We enjoyed this hands-on experience (and seeing Questacon’s big truck). 

photo (5)
Making a circuit

And we got a balloon helicopter of our own. 


Does your child have a favourite science toy?

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