September 16, 2011

the best gifts for young scientists

It’s a birthday time of year for my family.  Both my boys have birthdays in the next month.  I’ve been looking around for present ideas for my eldest son, who will be turning 6.  He loves to know how everything works, so here are some gift ideas for children who like to know how things work.

  • binoculars for observing the world around them.
  • fossil dig
    A dinosaur dig kit
  • a dinosaur dig or crystal mining set.
  • a butterfly net, bug catcher and magnifying glass for exploring the world of mini-beasts
  • a worm or ant farm
  • human body anatomy model.  These show all the organs in the body and how they fit together.  You can take all the organs out and look at their shapes and details and then try to fit all the pieces back in like a puzzle.
Magnetic Fields - 14
See magnetic fields with iron filings and magnets
  • a set of different types of magnets, preferably with some iron filings
  • electronics or solar energy kits.  You need to be careful with these to get something that suits the age and motor skills of your child, as they can often be very fiddly. 
My son is a bit young yet but for keen junior scientists there is always
  • a microscope.   I don’t want to go into details because there are lots of choices.  Younger scientists might be best with a digital USB microscope that can be connected to the computer for ease of viewing.
  • a telescope.  Again, you’ll have to do some research to be sure of what you want/need.
What science gifts have your children enjoyed?


amandab said...

We have invested in a USB digital microscope for the future, not an expensive one, but it does the job. The interest in it is only passing for now and we have only ever had it out twice.

A telescope is on our list for one day too as space is always a popular subject here.

Every time Aldi has science kits on sale I wonder if I should pick them up and how much interest there would be in them. There is so much fun looking stuff out there these days for kids to do and learn with. no wonder they seem so much smarter than we ever were!

Good luck with whatever you decide to get :)

Deb said...

Big girl found some binoculars the other day and loved them! She spent the afternoon using them to walk around everywhere.
Happy birthday for both your boys.