September 26, 2011

help your child learn to jump rope

Skipping is a classic childhood activity.  But like most motor skills children don’t just naturally learn to jump rope.  They need someone to show them what to do and plenty of practise. 

How can you help your child learn to jump rope? What can you say to help them learn what to do?
I use a process of showing and saying, something like this …
Hold the rope in front of your body
Jump over the rope
Swing the rope over your head until it hits the floor
Jump over the rope
It is important to have the right type of rope.  I find the ropes in shops are often too light.  A slightly heavier rope is easier to turn (think of those plastic ropes that are used for Jump Rope for Heart).  And the rope should be long enough to reach your child’s armpits when they stand in the centre of the rope.

Learning physical skills like jumping rope is important for your child’s physical fitness, now and as they get older.  Children who are confident of their physical skills are more likely to participate in sports and fitness activities.

Does your child like to jump rope?  Did you have a trick for helping them learn to jump rope?

Good luck!

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