October 26, 2011

Dinner and Diamonds

Thanks to San Remo, I travelled to Adelaide on Monday night for dinner with the Australian Netball Diamonds.  The dinner was held a beautiful St Marks College and cooked by chef Adam Swanson (owner and head chef of Zucca). 

Dinner, which was lovely, was
“poached SA king prawns with spiced saffron, angel hair pasta and lemon balm for entree followed by a choice of veal and pork polpette ragu with bucatini pasta, or baked wild barramundi with tomato, pea and dill risoni.”
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the inspirational players from the Australian Netball Diamonds.  They are fantastic role models for one of Australia’s most popular sports for girls and women.

You can see some photos from the night on San Remo’s Facebook page.

San Remo are a major sponsor of all levels of Netball, from the Australian Netball Diamonds through to the trans-Tasman ANZ Championship, and even San Remo NetSetGO! – a national netball participation program aimed at primary school children.

Last week, I put out a call for your questions for the Netball Diamonds and here are the answers.  Confession: I emailed the questions prior to the dinner to be sure that there would be time for them to be answered.  These answers were kindly supplied by Julie Corletto.

Julie Corletto For my US readers, what is netball?
[Editor's Note: I did not know that they didn't play netball in the US.  Netball is one of the most popular sports for women and girls in Australia. So, I guess I had one of those moments when you assume your reality is the same as everyone else's reality]

Netball is a sport similar to Basketball, although you cannot dribble the ball and there is no backboard. There is 7 a side and all players are only allowed in a restricted area. You can only hold the ball for 3 seconds, can only take one step and must be 3 feet when defending. The game is 4 x 15 minute quarters.

When did you start playing netball?
I started playing Netball when I was 9 years old. I started playing Netball because my older sister (Karen) played and I used to copy everything she did.

[Editor's Note: I sat next to Catherine Cox at the dinner and I asked her this.  She has been playing since she was 11 years old.  She is still playing today at 35.]

Did you play any other sports as a child?
Yes, I used to do Athletics, Swimming, Basketball and all sports at school. I grew up in a very sporting family. My older brother Ian was a Victorian & National champion runner and then went on to play AFL for Carlton Blues Football Club. My elder sister Karen also ran for Victoria and represented Victoria for Netball also.

How do you get to be a champion?
I train hard, I'm determined to be successful and I will do anything it takes. I enjoy what I do!!!!

[Editor's Note: I also spoke to Catherine Cox about this.  There is a lot of practise involved.  The Diamonds train every day and between State teams and playing for the Diamonds they play netball just about all year around.  Not everyone on the team is professional and many of the work  part-time or study as well.]

How does it feel to be woman and champion in a man's world?
I enjoy what I do and I love playing the sport. I love to play Netball at the highest level. We won the World Championships this year and that's something I will always have with me and be able to reflect on. I know that male dominated sports tend to get more media coverage and have a bigger audience. However it doesn't take the significance of a World Championship away from us.

Do you think playing sports has helped you in other areas of your life?  In what ways?
Absolutely. Obviously, you live a much healthier life if you are fit and active. I've met some great friends along the way that are lifelong friends. There are also so many great people I have met because of Netball, but off the Netball court, that I respect greatly. Sport is social, fun and allows you to reach your goals.

Thank you to San Remo for inviting me to the dinner.  Thanks to Julie for answering our questions.  And good luck to the Australian Netball Diamonds tonight when they take on the Silver Ferns!

If you have a child interested in playing netball I recommend you visit the website for San Remo NetSetGO! and find out where you can play in your local area.

So tell me, Do you have any netball players in your family?  What do you love about the game?


katepickle said...

Oh my girls will be so envious of you when they read this! Thanks for asking their question.

They've just finished their second season of Net Set Go and loved it. I am really impressed with the how the program has been run, from the volunteer coaches, to the really lovely medals each child gets for participating, plus they get a fab pack which includes a netball!

I didn't play netball until I was an adult but for gross motor skill development along, plus some great social connections I can really recommend it. My girls love it.

Diminishing Lucy said...

Like Kate, my girls started with Net Set Go. Olivia now plays in a school team.

I LOVED netball as a kid.

It was great to meet you - glad you had a good time!

CatWay said...

I think netball is great for kids because with the assigned positions it helps them to learn how to play as a team - instead of the more normal grab the ball and run games you see with kids.

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