October 12, 2011

Monster Truck party, Part 2

Over the weekend my boys had their Monster Truck birthday party

We had an obstacle course with obstacles mimicking those that monster trucks encounter in their shows …


a truck wash


and a monster truck cake


The other party games were pass the parcel and a treasure hunt.  If you wanted to do a monster truck party I also considered pin the number-plate on the monster truck and Lego truck building. 

The refueling station had traffic light jelly (red, orange and green layers), honey joys, fruit, cheezels, tool-shaped fairy bread (I make this by cutting the fairy bread with biscuit cutters), fruit juice poppers and sausages.

Our party favours were hot wheels cars, flavoured milk straws, balloons and bubbles.  I also printed monster truck colouring-in pages.

And the boys (and I hope their guests) were very happy with their day!


Aspiring Mum said...

What a great idea! I love the obstacle course - I'm sure all the kids had great fun!

Alexander David said...

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