November 25, 2011

Lego Ideas


I bought the Lego Ideas Book, by Daniel Lipkowitz, online a little while ago.  It is a manual to inspire you to create Lego ideas of your own.  It does not
“show building steps or brick lists because it’s unlikely you will have all the bricks for each model.”

Instead, each page shows detailed views of models from different angles, building tips and tricks for each model and suggestions that will help you make your own similar style model.  There are also pages (like the one pictured) that suggest pieces that are especially useful for building particular types of models.


It is a wonderful resource for encouraging kids to think of other ways to use the Lego pieces that they have.  For example, we have a Lego Kingdoms castle and catapult.  There is a section of the book – In Days of Old - which takes pieces from these sets and shows other castles, traps, wagons and siege weapons, that could be built with the sorts of pieces you get in these Lego sets. 

B was inspired by the Planes, Trains and Automobiles section to build this …


and when we saw the minifigure display ideas


we thought we should build something to display our minifigures …


Since it is that time of year again (Christmas, that is) I would have to recommend this a fabulous gift idea for Lego enthusiasts.

If you are looking for other Lego building inspiration, you might want to visit my list of Lego building challenges.

What has your child build with Lego lately?


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I've been looking at this for my 7 year old son, thanks for the review.

Holidays with kids said...

This is brillant idea we have piles and piles of lego this will be great for the next holidays with kids down the south coast, especially those long wet winter summer days.

Where can we buy - will promote this page on my site. This is a cracker of a find..


Stacy Vacation said...

It really looks like interesting book for a lego maniacs such as my husband! Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

I have got this book- is pretty cool - try looking for it at the library.