May 22, 2012

on books and reading

This is adapted from a couple of memes I did on my private blog in the past couple of years.  I came across them and wanted to update it.  I have just shared the questions that interested me.  My apologies for not knowing the original source of the memes.

books or tablet? I have a Kindle and an ipad.  I like the ipad for online reading and magazine subscriptions.  The Kindle is lighter when you are reading for a long time.  I love the instant availability of books on the Kindle, especially overseas books that I wouldn’t be able to get easily otherwise.  But I still like to read real books, especially when I’m reading fiction.  I think the sensations of holding a real book are linked to comfort and escape for me.  So, it is relaxing to hold and read a real book.


Amazon or brick and mortar? I usually get books from the Book Depository or kindle books from Amazon.  I don’t have any bookshops within a 30 minute drive.  That’s too far away for me to just pop out and browse when I have some free time.  When I have the kids, I can’t settle into focussed browsing. They keep distracting me with their favourite finds. 

bookmark or dog ear?  I’ve always folded the corners.  I can never be bothered to try and find a bookmark.  Or I just leave the book open and put it face down.

alphabetize by author, alphabetize by title or random? Random, or roughly organised by subject.  But I can usually remember where I have put a book, so I don’t worry too much.

buying choice: book reviews, recommendation or browse? Usually some sort of recommendation.  These days usually from a blog I like.

favourite series? A series featuring Agent Pendergast by Lincoln Preston.

favourite children’s book? It’s hard to choose, but at the moment I like Lynley Dodd.  Her books are so much fun to read aloud because they contain the most fabulous words and onomatopeia.  My favourite books by her are ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ and ‘The Nickle Nackle Tree’.

the first book I remember loving? It was a fbook with pop-up mouths, Dinnertime, by Jan Peinkowski. And I have always remembered this rhyme I used to say as a kid (whenever it rained) ‘It’s Raining, said John Twaining’, but I never knew where it came from or met other people who knew it. Then, talking to my mum one day, I discovered it is from a favourite book of mine as a child, a book of Danish nursery rhymes, aptly titled ‘It’s Raining, said John Twaining’.

3 authors that feature strongly for me? Agatha Christie has been my long-time light reading love affair. Terry Pratchett who started my teenage obsession with scifi and fantasy. David Quammen who has a fabulous style of writing that makes science accessible. Apparently, the name of the genre is creative nonfiction.

on my wishlist?  The kind of books on my wishlist at the moment are books on alternative education, for example, Guerilla Learning, mystery novels, and writing books like Think Write Grow (since I’m trying to improve my writing). 

what are your reading at the moment? The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins; A Study in Sherlock, edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger

What are you reading at the moment?  What’s on your wishlist?


Office said...

Hello, Catherine! I totally share your love towards reading as I always connect it to a time of my own sweet escape, when can really immerse into another world! I am definitely going to check your book out, because Adventures With Kids, seems as the right read, me and my boys can have fun times with. It is great being able to read your interests you decided to share with us! I love nothing more than the uniqueness every individual possesses and am sending you my regards!

AVecchioni said...

Right now I'm reading Letters on Cezanne by Rainer Maria Rilke. Definitely reading the real thing, i.e.--a real book from our bookshelf. Incidentally, they’re categorized by type: drama, art, poetry, fiction, philosophy, etc. Great topic. Perfect timing for summer. Thanks!

Victoria Asbury said...

Call me old-fashioned- but I prefer to read from a paper book- I love the process of introvertness when sensing the pages between by finger tips, I love to feel the heaviness of a book.