June 23, 2012

simple holiday fun #1– colouring sand

School holidays have started.  I’ve been making a list of potential activities from my Pinterest boards and things the boys have mentioned they want to do.

It’s a delicate balance between letting the boys get so bored they create their own fun and introducing some new ideas to spark creativity.  Today, we tried colouring sand with spray bottles, that I have pinned from Familylicious

When I saw this activity I knew it was a winner.  Anything that gets my son’s out in our sandpit leads to long periods of play and exploration.

We started out with red water in the spray bottles, but this does not stand out well.  I think it is too close to the natural sand colours.  So, we changed to blue. 



They are creating dinosaur pictures in the sand with cookie cutters.  To get the best picture you need to dig around the outline before lifting off the cookie cutter.

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