August 18, 2012

Blog Changes

I have decided to change the name of my blog to reflect a wider range of topics that I want to write about.  Adventures With Kids is now called Indirect Observations.

What do you need to do?

Head to the blog and check out the changes.

Your blog feed should be unaffected, fingers crossed. 

My twitter handle is now @indirectobs

Unfortunately, I am not able to change the name of my Facebook page.  So, please head over and like my new Indirect Observations page to keep in touch via Facebook (I will not be updating the Adventures With Kid page anymore).

You can also follow me on Pinterest.  If you followed me as Adventures With Kids, you do not need to change anything.

1 comment:

Deb said...

congrats on the new look and direction.
It's good to revisit and rethink what we are doing every now and then.