September 24, 2012

Learning All the Time

Learning all the time.  Collecting.  Research.  Creativity.  Satisfaction.  Interest.  Curiosity.  What now?

Children are relentless learners.  They need no reminder to learn.  The fear no wrong.

Adults wonder ‘Is it worth my time and effort?  Why do I need to know this?’ They worry they’ll get it wrong.

Education is a process of turning children into adults, making them doubt they have the right answer, doubt that it is a worthwhile topic to investigate.

There should be only curiosity … That’s interesting … That’s funny … I wonder why …

and then I want to share How can I show that?  This’d be a better way to?  I think this would work …

Doing something just because

It’s there.

I’m interested.

I want to know.

I want to share.

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