September 7, 2012

The Little Things that Matter: Play a fun game on your phone

It’s hard to be an interesting, creative, inspired person when you never take time to do things just because you enjoy them, when you never do silly things.

I’m going to share some of the little things that make me feel happy and motivated and the first thing that came to mind is playing fun games on my phone or ipad.  It’s a major time-waster I know, but there are some benefits, including
  • it keeps your mind off thinking about worries and stressful situations at times when taking action about these worries is not possible (something I’ve needed a bit lately)
  • it exercises your brain with something quick, easy and different from the things your brain does everyday
So, what games?

I like

Word Welder

Word Welder – make words by swapping tiles around on the board.  Each level introduces more difficult obstacles to work around when swapping tiles. 

photo (4)
Wreck This App

Wreck This App – from Keri Smith, of Wreck this Journal, has suggestions for different types of creative play with drawing tools available in the app. 

photo (1)

Tetris – classic game, still fun to play even though I first started playing it at about age 10.  Apparently, Tetris was developed in 1985 - haven’t computers come a long way since then?

photo (3)
Angry Birds
Angry Birds, of course.  I’m not very good at this one, not as good as my 6 y.o. son anyway, but it makes me giggle every time.

photo (2)
Battleship Game from Logic Games app
Logic Games – I’ve always loved logic games, so I was happy to find this app with 70 different types of logic games.

What games are you playing on your phone/ipad or computer?

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