October 12, 2012

a handful of Resources for Getting Started with Art Journaling

One of the goals on my life list is to start and keep using an art journal. 

An art journal is a journal that is created using visual elements (illustrations, collage, painting).  You could use it to explore new art techniques, explore ideas or emotions, write about day to day life.

I have made a start, although I can’t say that I am journaling regularly, I have dipped my toe in the water.  These are some good links to give you some ideas for to get started with art journaling. 

And one other place you might like to visit is my art journaling Pinterest board.

Here are some pages I have created using ideas from these resources.  The hardest part for me was not to get overwhelmed and just to pick something and do it.

An idea from Balzer Designs Weekly Plan
photo 1 (4)

A prompt from Artsyville’s List It Tuesday.– things that make me nostalgic …
photo 3 (13)

Creating love notes …
photo 2 (4)


Amber said...

This is a great collection! Thanks for putting it together. My mom loves to art journal and shares ideas with us when she visits. My daughters LOVE it, but I'm not so skilled so it's hard for me to keep up when she's not around.

Catherine Way said...

My kids have loved doing art journaling alongside me, especially different painting techniques and collage.