November 26, 2012

a handful of Stocking Stuffers (and a Giveaway)

Christmas Stocking Stuffer ideas
Santa image from The Graphics Fairy
One thing about Christmas that drives me crazy, is having to buy gifts to fill my son’s stockings.  I find it so difficult to find enough gifts that are
  • something my children want and will use and
  • high quality and will last longer than 2 minutes. 
Stocking stuffers are also the sort of smaller gifts that I need to find for my children’s cousins and close friends.

This year these are my 5 favourite ideas

1. Magazines (or a magazine subscription) and activity books

I’ve been lucky enough to get this part of my present shopping started already, because I was sent a copy of the ABC’s Octonauts magazine.  Having seen it, it is going straight into my youngest son’s stocking.  This is perfect for my son for a few reasons – it is age appropriate in terms of the amount of reading (not too much text for him to listen too and plenty of colourful pictures) and the type of activities that are included.  Perfectly suited to the interests of my 4 year old Octonauts loving, budding fisherman.  Scroll to the bottom for you chance to win a copy of this mag for your little one.  My favourite bit would be the useful Octo-Adult announcements to help you think of ways to prolong the fun. 

For my older son, who’s Christmas wish list contains a microscope, crystal growing kit and bug habitat, I am thinking of kids science magazine, Scientriffic.

I have also seen a lot of wonderful activity books.  These are 2 of my favourites –

2. Cool socks and t-shirts

My sons are obsessed with socks.  Mostly, they couldn’t care less whether their t-shirts are cool or match their shorts, but they love to have colourful socks.  Amazing, because there is often little need for socks in Darwin.  I am loving these Threadless tees at Birdsnest (they are available for adults too, so a good stocking stuffer for my other half also), although I think socks will be better received.

3. Art supplies and a journal/ letter writing kit

Perfect time to restock what has been used up or is no longer in good condition and maybe get a few new art supplies that we haven’t tried before (I’m thinking marbling ink and washi tape).  I will also get new blank journals for my boys.  Last year, I also bought Angry birds letter writing sets (from Kawaii Notebook), which were a hit and inspired a lot of letter writing over the holidays, so I’m considering something similar this year.

4. Sports equipment

A no-brainer, I can fill up room in that stocking with things that need replacing or upgrading  - new bike helmets, swimming gear and balls.  Or I can get jump ropes or elastics for the girl cousins.

5. Dress-up accessories

My youngest son has developed an obsession with dressing up, his requests vary weekly from knight, ninja, fireman, pirate, power ranger and so on. Having some basic dress-ups to get him kitted out would be very helpful.  My eldest son is not so keen on dressing up but loves the accessories – maybe a knights sword and shield, a cape or a pirate hat and eye patch. 

Now for the Giveaway!

Octonauts Magazine

This giveaway is now closed.

To help you get started with the stocking stuffing, I have 2 copies of the Octonauts magazine to give away.  This is a perfect stocking stuffer for 3 – 5 year olds. 

To enter leave a comment below and let me know your favourite stocking stuffer idea.  Open to Australian residents only.  Entries close on Saturday 1st December at 5 pm (Australian Central Standard Time).

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Ally said...

Water pistols to use on a usually hot Australian Christmas day :)