November 12, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide for Active Explorers

Christmas Gift Guide for Active Explorers
Help! Christmas is coming fast …

I’m normally really excited as Christmas starts to approach.  This year – not so much.  It’s been a stressful year and for the first time in a long time it is going to be a really quiet Christmas, with just me, my husband and the boys.  That means, no big celebrations to plan for and a sense of missing those other family that would normally be around on Christmas day. 

I’m sure as Christmas events start to happen and everyone else starts to get festive, my enthusiasm will build.  In the meantime, I thought some present shopping might help my spirits.  Here are my ideas this year for my two active explorers …

For playing outside
a punching bag and gloves for burning off excess energy and emotion
a slackline (just like you are in the circus!)
an air hockey table, my eldest son’s latest obsession
head torches, for exploring in the dark, using in cubbyhouses and when we go camping
For playing inside
yo-yo’s (thanks to @bookchook for this idea, they seem a perfect idea for using inside for my sons who never stop moving)
Incredible Cross-Sections, by Stephen Biesty (went straight on the must-have list after I read this post at Literacy, Families and Learning)
Press Here!, by Herve Tullet

You can keep an eye on my Pinterest Kids Wish List to see what else I happen upon.  I also have ideas for other gifts on my Great Gifts board.

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What presents are you considering for your children this year?

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