December 3, 2012

Christmas in Australia means Carols by Candlelight

Darwin Carols by Candlelight 2012
Darwin Carols by Candlelight 2012

It is the Christmas season.  Unfortunately, in Darwin, that also means it is the wet season. 

In Australia, a common Christmas tradition is attending a Carols by Candlelight concert. Bands, choirs and performers sing Christmas carols of their choice.  The audience holds candles and sings along (with the help of a carol songbook). 

Traditionally (especially for the large events in Sydney and Melbourne),  these nights are held close to Christmas.  In Darwin, the carols are always held on the first weekend in December.  There’s a good reason for this timing – the early date makes it less likely that the event will be rained upon.

Last night, was the scheduled Darwin Carols by Candlelight for 2012 and it was, as it always is, a wonderful gathering of locals in a joyful mood and a chance to hear carols performed by local singers, bands and choirs. 

at Carols by Candlelight

But about 6.30 pm, just as the event was getting started, the Bureau of Meteorology declared a severe storm warning. 

stormy skies
As the storm starts to get close ...

And by 7.10 pm we were getting wet and leaving.  The rain and wind would not have been such a problem, but it seemed foolhardy to stay through the lightning.

Here is what it feels like at the Darwin Carols by Candlelight when it is not rained upon (these pics are from 2009).

Carols by Candlelight Darwin 2009
Carols by Candlelight
Carols by Candlelight

I have linked to some of my favourite Aussie Christmas carols in previous posts
Christmas signing


Anonymous said...

In Cape Town we also have Carols by Candlelight concerts. They're traditionally held in Kirstenbosch, a beautiful botanical garden at the foot of Table Mountain. And they're usually held around the middle of the month. I'm looking forward to going with my daughter and some friends this year. It's always a magical experience as dusk is followed by dark with just the candle flames burning.

Valérie (Poetic chronicles) said...

What a beautiful tradition, too bad you had to leave this year!