January 9, 2013

Collaborative Journalling with Kids: Hands Together

I have started a new little project with the kids, related to my personal art journalling project, collaborative journalling.  We have bought ourselves a new sketchbook and the idea is to fill it with jointly created artworks and document our family journey this year. 

At the moment, I am storing the journal open on the kids art table as a way of reminding us to use it. 
We started our journal off with a joint art project based on Give Me Five from Fairy Dust Teaching. 

Collaborative Journalling: Hands Together

To create this we traced around each of our hands with a Sharpie (you can see that my youngest liked tracing because he started adding some other objects too!). 

We then coloured each section of the resulting picture a different colour with watercolour pencils.  Finally, we painted over the whole lot with water.

My kids then went and created their own versions in their personal journals.

The watercolour pencils have been a favourite art material for my children these school holidays.  They give much greater control over where the colour goes and what colour you achieve than watercolour paints.  I shared in a couple of places already, this photo of my youngest son creating with the water colour pencils.  He made many versions of this colour “rainbow” over the course of a week, experimenting with the watercolour pencils.

creating with watercolour pencils

Do you have or have your ever thought about creating a family journal?  What would you include?

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