February 25, 2013

Local Adventures: Gunn Point Beach

Gunn Point Beach, NT

We spent a pleasant afternoon exploring Gunn Point beach this weekend. 

Access is via a dirt track, which was a little bit wet due to a week of rainy weather.

checking the water depth

The kids enjoyed hunting for crabs.

hunting for crabs at Gunn Point
hunting for crabs at Gunn Point

There were plenty of hermit crabs to be found.

hermit crab
hermit crab

And this fellow was just strolling by on the beach.  Poor thing got helped back into the water by children a few times.


Bait was hard to catch and so were bigger fish.  Total catch – 1 small shark.

throwing the net
beach fishing

Our friends thought to bring their kite and it was perfect weather for kite flying.


What was your weekend like?

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