April 22, 2013

51 Ways to be Creative

StudioSix Brushes
  1. write a list of 50 ways to use {object/item of your choice}
  2. find a quote or piece of poetry and art journal it
  3. illustrate a recipe
  4. create art using a pad of post-its and a pen
  5. make prints using food
  6. complete one of my ‘should make’ pins
  7. make a zentangle
  8. make a house decoration with fairy lights
  9. decorate for all the holidays
  10. make gifts for special occasions
  11. leave a happy note in the photocopy room at work
  12. carve your own stamp
  13. make a mural with sidewalk chalk
  14. decorate your mirrors with whiteboard markers
  15. wear fancy hair accessories on ordinary days
  16. create an outdoor art work
  17. create a new representation of the same thing every day for 30 days
  18. buy yourself a bunch of flowers
  19. take yourself out for morning tea, with cake
  20. create mail art
  21. take a photo of a reflection
  22. doodle on a photo
  23. take a photo of a silhouette
  24. journal about my day
  25. make a book spine poem
  26. plan a cultural celebration night. Cook appropriate food and dress up.
  27. make a map of my childhood
  28. make a flowchart of a familiar task
  29. do a lost art project
  30. create something using clay
  31. colour my hair for a day
  32. make a tree sculpture
  33. draw a tree of life
  34. make a tiny fairy garden
  35. pull off an April Fools prank
  36. paint a household item a  bright colour
  37. draw everyday objects
  38. do a collaborative drawing
  39. experiment with nature printing
  40. sketch from nature
  41. watch the sunset
  42. go somewhere new
  43. take an art class
  44. design a personal logo
  45. take a picture in the same spot every day
  46. make a stopmotion animation
  47. start a nature collection
  48. go treasure hunting in op shops
  49. bake and decorate a cake
  50. host a clothes swap
  51. make a personalised activity book for my children
The idea to make a list and some of the activities on my list were inspired by uncustomary.


Susan Stephenson said...

I especially love Zentangles!

uncustomary said...

I'm honored that you made a list because you were inspired by mine. Good luck with your list. I hope to have mine finished by this time next month.