April 9, 2013

Invitation to Build: Lego Balloon Car

I have set myself a challenge this week, since we are home on school holidays, to make a daily invitation to creative play for my children.

Lego Balloon Car challenge

For day 1, I set this challenge to build a Lego balloon car.  The idea is from Frugal Fun for Boys Lego Fun Friday challenge.  The inspiration for the Lego balloon car (and photo I printed to show my sons) is from the Crafty Mummy.

This is what my eldest son came up with first.  It worked, but was slow and did not travel far.

Lego Balloon Car

He decided the car must be too heavy and worked to lighten the load.  We also tried a few different sorts of wheels. This is version two, which travels further and faster.

Lego Balloon Car

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Sarah @ Frugal Fun for Boys said...

He did a great job on the cars! We found that the cars needed to be lightweight as well. Thanks for linking up to Lego Fun Friday!