April 11, 2013

Invitation to Create: Stained Glass Effect Picture

I’m creating an invitation to play for my children every day this week. 

Yesterday, I put out A3 paper and coloured sharpies and invited my children to fill the whole page with colour to create a stained glass effect picture, like this one from Simple Kids.  I knew this activity would be a winner because my sons love to use the Sharpies.

Here is the invitation.  I divided the page into sections to avoid fights about working in each others space. 


When it was complete, my sons weren’t happy with the amount of light that got through the paper.  So, we used one more step not in the Simple Kids tutorial and dabbed the paper with cooking oil on paper towel to make the paper more translucent.

Why did we use A3 paper? It is the perfect size to fit the window above our kitchen sink.  Now I have a beautiful piece of art there to cheer my when I’m washing dishes.


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