April 8, 2013

Territory Adventures: Crabclaw Island

Crabclaw Island

We recently had ourselves a little Northern Territory adventure and headed to the beautiful Crabclaw Island for a couple of nights.

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Located in a beautiful, remote area, the accommodation is located right on the beach.  Idyllic describes it perfectly.  You couldn’t help but breathe deeply, say ‘wow’ and relax. 

The downside – we did feel that the accommodation was expensive and because of that perhaps oversells itself a little.  What we got was a basic room with lots of beds for the room’s size, a toilet and an airconditioner.  If we had a better idea beforehand of what the accommodation was like, despite the price, we would have been happier.  Similarly, the restaurant tried, imperfectly, to create ‘gourmet’ food when we would have been happier with fish and chips.

For our family, it was all about the fishing.

We took the boat and got twenty mudcrabs. 


Beware of crocodiles if you are not a hardened Territorian fisherman.  We saw a few and they were very interested in checking us out – coming right up to the boat.  The crocs closer to home tend to be a bit more wary of people. 

The pool was where we spent most of our time when we weren’t in the boat.

Pool at Crabclaw Island

The boys also loved spending time playing on the beach. They were excited to find a variety of shells, including crab shells and legs and lots of driftwood.  There were also often wallabies to be found along the back of the beach.

We are already planning to go back


Anonymous said...

What awesome holiday, I'm so jealous!! :)

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