May 28, 2013

Playdough for a Sick Day

I use eucalyptus oil around my home for all sorts of things like
  • adding to the wash with my son’s sheets to reduce dust mite allergens (because he has a dust mite allergy)
  • getting sticky residue – usually added by my children - off all sorts of surfaces
  • on a tissue or in hot water to clear up stuffy noses
So, when a package arrived from Bosisto’s with a bottle of eucalyptus oil and information about their current promotion to plant 1 million trees, I knew I would use the eucalyptus oil.

But I didn’t think I would be blogging about it.  (NB If you are reading this blog for cleaning and housekeeping advice you are in the wrong place.)  But with me and my youngest son home today with blocked noses and sore throats, a therapeutic use for the eucalyptus oil occurred to me – eucalyptus playdough - for simple entertainment with sinus-clearing benefits.

I simply added a capful of eucalyptus oil to my usual playdough recipe for an Australian bush scented playdough.

The perfect props to add to this playdough were natural materials, so we gathered some twigs and leaves from the garden.

Invitation to Play with Eucalyptus Scented Playdough

To colour the playdough, we kneaded in a squirt of our choice of food colouring before we started to play.  This is a perfect way to get little hands working hard, preparing them for holding a pencil at school.

kneading playdoughkneading playdough
“squash and fold, squash and fold”
And then we sat down to play …
“Look out, there’s a snake in the tree”
eucalyptus-scented playdough
leaf impressions
eucalyptus-scented playdougheucalyptus-scented playdough

Thank you to Bosisto’s for the eucalyptus oil.  Bosisto’s is aiming to plant one million trees in 2013.  The trees are planted on marginal farming land.  The new plantations will help support local farms and farmers and provide environmental benefits like lowering soil salinity.  When you purchase any specially marked Bosisto’s 100% pure oil or solution (shown below), Bosisto’s will plant a tree for you.


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