June 9, 2013

weekend reading: 9/6/2013

Painting on Foil Creative Table
A recent creative table inspired by discussion at the Creative Kids G+ group.
Here’s a handful of links that have inspired me this week
  1. 5 lessons to learn from Minecraft in education (found via Project-Based Homeschooling)
  2. Minecraft is a simple, clumsy-looking little game full of blocky graphics and unclear terms of play. It is essentially a giant sandbox of digital legos that players can do with what they wish–tear stuff down, dig holes, or build dizzying towers of complex design and architecture.
    And it’s a perfect analogue for what’s possible in learning.
    My sons are completely obsessed with Minecraft.  The level of obsession is a bit scary at times.  But what I like most about it is that they nearly always play together on this and work collaboratively, swapping ideas and inspiring one another.    It is also open-ended requiring players to solve problems and use their creativity.

  3. Why “Did You Have Fun?” is the wrong question (found via Mel Avila on Pinterest) was a parenting revelation post for me – I knew I soon as I read it that this is something I need to consider.
  4. I’m considering family bike rides now that my sons are both old enough to ride independently, so I read Ways to ensure an enjoyable bike ride with your kids with interest. 
  5. Ants are a recurring interest in our house (luckily, we have lots of ants and lots of different types of ants around here!), so I am mentally filing this great ant project for the next time one of the boys start tracking ants.
  6. Do you allow enough time for your children and you to be creative? Transforming Our Learning Environment shared this wonderful video Creativity requires TIME. 
What are you reading this weekend?

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