July 16, 2013

Anyone up for a Creative Kids Challenge?


Are you an adult interested in inspiring children to be creative? There is a place for you to connect with other like-minded adults on G+ – the Creative Kids community

Are you an adult interested in inspiring children to be creative? I challenge you to facilitate or act as a mentor in this creating with kids challenge that I have started in the G+ Creative Kids community.

Anyone interested in a bit of a creating with kids challenge?

I challenge you to act as a mentor/facilitator to help your child share a story.

Your story project can be as simple or as complicated as you like -
your child might want to tell a new story,
you might record a story they have invented during imaginative play,
your child might want to retell a favourite story or nursery rhyme.

Choose a tool to share the story with the Creative Kids G+ community.  You could
- record the story as a movie
- record your child's voice telling a story
- make a puppet show
- write a sticker story, make a book or draw a picture
- use a computer or ipad to make a story with programs/apps like Storybird (  or Puppetpals (

Once your story is ready, share a link to the story or a blog post about the story in the Creative Kids community using the hashtag #creativetable

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1 comment:

Susan Stephenson said...

Great idea!!! I don't have any children at home now but let me know if anyone has questions or needs help with comic editors, Storybird etc!