July 21, 2013

Swim in a Waterfall - NT Adventures: Litchfield National Park

We went out camping to Litchfield National Park during the school holidays. 

Litchfield National Park is 130 kilometres southwest of Darwin near the town of Batchelor. The main feature of the park are a number of beautiful waterfalls set in a monsoon rainforest.

There are a number of easily accessible waterfalls in Litchfield National Park.  We went to one of the most child-friendly, Wangi Falls.


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They closed these falls because of a croc sighting about a week later!

Later, I asked my youngest son about waterfalls and recorded his answer:

A waterfall is some, there's water coming along then it falls down and it goes into and it fills up the whole thing. That's what a waterfall is.
Me: Did you swim in a waterfall today?
Yes, I did.
Me: What was that like?
It was like that, when ... it was like it was raining and it drip, drip, drip on my head. 

We camped at the Litchfield Safari Camp.  And entertained ourselves with
playing marbles
climbing trees
and toasting marshmallows.
On the way home we explored another feature of Litchfield and Australia’s Top End – termite mounds.
These are cathedral termite mounds built by Nasutitermes triodiae.  There were two examples at this spot that were at least 5 metres tall.
There is also a viewing platform for magnetic termite mounds.  Magnetic termites (Amitermes meridionalis and Amitermes laurensis) build flat, narrow mounds oriented along a north-south axis.  The flat faces and orientation of the mounds helps regulate the temperature inside the termite mounds. (Termite information from CSIRO available here.)

On the way home we stopped in Batchelor to look at this replica of Karlstein Castle, Havlik, Czech Republic built by a Czech immigrant who moved to Batchelor.

And to explore explore the Batchelor Butterfly Farm. This was a nice rest stop for the kids to get something to eat and drink.  We had a chance to see all the stages of a butterfly lifecycle and some exotic butterfly species including large morpho butterflies.

There was also rabbit and guinea pig feeding.

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How were your school holidays?

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