February 14, 2016

snippets14/2/2016 - introducing ipad use to children

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I introduced the ipads to my preschool classes using the app Plic, Ploc, Wiz.  This is a simple app for arranging shapes to construct pictures.  This simple app gave the children a chance to focus on how the ipad works and skills like turning the ipad on and off, opening an app, selecting objects and dragging them on the screen.  The app is free and you get access to one illustration.  You need to make an in-app purchase to access other illustrations.

Before we used the ipads we discussed how they worked and how to care for them.  We labelled the parts and talked about what the screen was made from?  I also asked 'what do you think is inside the ipad?'  Many children answered 'games', although a few said 'batteries'.  If you wanted to explore more about what is inside the ipad Little Clickers has a good resource.

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