a non-comprehensive list of friendly, fun, helpful resources to visit ...

if you are looking for ART
that artist woman
Art for Small Hands
and the Art Not Craft (affiliate link) ebook, which has lots of ideas of how and what to create with young children.

if you are looking for SCIENCE
Google Science Fair

if you are looking for learning - ABC & 123s
The Book Chook
Imagination Soup
teach mama
Small Types
Literacy, Families and Learning

if you are looking for PLAY

if you are looking to get OUTDOORS
go explore nature

if you are looking for PARENTING and HOME MANAGEMENT 

Zen Family Habits
For some help with parenting and discipline issues I recommend the Parenting With Positive Guidance ebook (affiliate link) and a great ebook if you are trying to balance work and family (especially if you work from home) - How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too (affiliate link)

if you are looking for games for kids to PLAY ONLINE
Poisson Rouge
Reading Eggs

if you want to read about some INSPIRING PARENTS
Three Ring Circus
Stuff With Thing (especially if you want to know more about parenting kids with autism)